Cheryl Gainer
Cheryl Gainer Jack
Cheryl Gainer (Janice Kent) and Jack (John Ritter) in scene from the "Three's Company" episode titled "Make Room for Daddy".
Personal Information
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Sandy Brown
girlfriend of Jack's whose father, in dropping off her wallet at the apartment, takes advice from the roommates on dating today's women, eventually taking out Janet on a date
Related to: Andrew Gainer (father)
Character information
Appeared on: Guest appearance on Three's Company
Episodes appeared in: "Make Room for Daddy" in Season 5
Character played by: Janice Kent
Three's Company Script

Cheryl Gainer was a girlfriend and date of Jack, whose widowed father Andrew Gainer (Keene Curtis) receives pointers from Jack on how to approach "today's woman" after asking Jack about how to approach a woman of the 1980s in the episode of Three's Company titled "Make Room for Daddy" in Season 5. The part of Cheryl is played by actress Janice Kent.

About Cheryl

When Jack gives Cheryl's dad Andrew advice on how to approach "today's woman", and then realizes that Andrew, who stopped by the apartment to drop off Cheryl's purse, that she left at her apartment which she shares with him, Jack begins to worry that Andrew, who used the advice to ask Janet, with whom he becomes smitten with upon seeing her for the first time getting dressed in a nightie, out to a place called The Blue Grotto, Jack worries that Andrew, who admits his social awkwardness over not having dated much since the death of his wife, will behave like he or Larry would behave. Thus, Jack, upon Cheryl's arrival at the apartment, whisks Cheryl off with him to The Blue Grotto to meet Andrew and Janet.

Cheryl, in wondering why they were following Janet and her father, thinks the idea of her dad dating again is neat, while Jack is overly concerned about Janet, and what Andrew's move would be. Concerning his date with Cheryl, when asked by Cheryl "You know what we're gonna do?" After Jack asks "What?" Cheryl responds curtly, "Nothing!"