Chef Anton
Chef Anton
Chef Anton, a well known restauratuer, and Uncle of Bartender Jim, is played by Richard McKenzie.
Personal Information
Gender: Male
Restauranteur/Owner of a chain of Chef Anton's Restaurants in the Santa Monica area
Character information
Appeared on: Guest appearance on Three's Company
Episodes appeared in: the episode titled Chrissy's New Boss in Season 3
Character played by: Richard McKenzie
Three's Company Script

Chef Anton, who was played by character actor Richard McKenzie, is a successful Santa Monica area businessman/restauratuer who considered hiring Jack as the head chef in one of his many restaurants in the episode titled Chrissy's New Boss, in which bartender Jim, who is Anton's nephew, (Paul Ainsley also appears. Jack, in confusing Anton with J.C. Braddock (Emmaline Henry), who is Chrissy's boss, and who shows up to meet Chrissy just moments later, and thinking that her boss was a man instead of a woman, manages to anger and offend Anton, who he was supposed to meet at The Regal Beagle by pouring beer all over him, the now fuming Anton, who rants that Jack "wasn't fit enough to sell pretzels on a street corner", retaliates by squeezing a squeeze bottle of mustard on his chin, and then saying angrily, "You wanna cook something, here's something you can cook...Mustard on a Nut!!!"

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