Charles Hadley
Rod Colbin as Mr. Charles Hadley
Mr. Hadley, played by Rod Colbin
Personal Information
Gender: Male
Lawyer, and Cindy's boss
When caught in a compromising situation with another secretary, is pressured by Jack and then his wife into giving Cindy her job back
Domestic partner(s): Sheila (secretary, his mistress)
Related to: Harriet Hadley (wife)
Character information
Appeared on: Three's Company
Episodes appeared in: "Jack to the Rescue"
Character played by: Rod Colbin
Three's Company Script

Charles Hadley is a character who appears in the Season 5 episode of Three's Company titled "Jack to the Rescue". The part of Mr. Hadley is played by Rod Colbin, who later reappears on the show as Mr. Franklin, Janet's boss at the Arcade Flower Shop in the episode "Hearts and Flowers".

About Mr. Hadley

Cindy is fired by Mr. Hadley after Jack, (who was getting a resume typed by Cindy on what Mr. Hadley claimed was "company time"), in trying to defend her by speaking to him about her displeasure over running errands for him. Jack tries to amend for his meddling in her job situation by returning to the office to try to persuade Hadley into hiring her back, only to catch him "giving dictation", so to speak, to a fellow secretary, Sheila (Amy Nachbar), which gives him an idea, which turns out to be extortion, where, in threatening to tell Mrs. Hadley, he gets Hadley to drop by the apartment to offer to give Cindy her job back!

When the Hadleys drop by the very next evening, Jack arrives home just minutes later. Jack, in telling Janet the good news about Cindy's job, he, not knowing that Mr. Hadley were already there in the kitchen making coffee, and also not knowing that the woman in the living room was his wife, tells how he persuaded Cindy's duplicitous boss to rehire her, explaining how he caught Hadley "behaving badly" with Sheila, sparks really begin to fly, with Jack trying to save face by making an excuse, in saying that he could have mistaken Hadley for someone else, and Hadley, in trying to save face, trying sheepishly to explain to the Mrs. "listen to the boy, he said he could've been mistaken!