Bill Martin
Rod McCary as Bill Martin
Rod McCary as Bill Martin, an old Navy buddy of Jack's who tries to scheme himself into co-owning "Jack's Bistro" with him in "Navy Blues" in Season 7 of Three's Company.
Personal Information
Gender: Male
Chef, former US Navy cook with Jack
tries to phenagle and con his way into impressing Angelino into making him co-partner with Jack at the bistro, this after Jack offered him a job as head chef
Character information
Appeared on: Three's Company
Episodes appeared in: "Navy Blues" in Season 7
Character played by: Rod McCary
Three's Company Script

Bill Martin, an old Navy buddy of Jack's, appears in the Season 7 episode of Three's Company titled "Navy Blues". The part of Bill is played by Rod McCary, who also appeared as Gregg Halliday in the Season 3 episode titled "The Harder They Fall".

About Bill

Bill, a former cook in the Navy with Jack, comes to town looking for a job. Jack, who's more than willing to offer a chef job to his old buddy, who's also a very good cook, as he accepts Jack's offer. Little does Jack know that Bill has his own aspirations in owning his own restaurant, unfortunately, at any cost, even if it means lecherously trying to finagle his way into Jack's business, as a co-owner. Bill, who brags to Angelino that he was once voted "Sailor Of the Quarter" for his running of the base mess hall at Miramar NAS in San Diego, is able to phenagle and scheme, undermine and to try to make Jack look bad in his way into part ownership of the bistro. 

Bill tries sucking up to and impressing Angelino by boasting of his accomplishments in running a Navy mess hall as he is able to convince Angelino that Jack needs a partner when he tricks Jack into throwing a celebration party for a couple who have just come from a funeral, which helps him more "brownie points" with Angelino when he talks to the couple and straighten things out about the reservation error.

Anyhow, Bill's scheme backfires when the girls, Janet and Terri, furious when Jack comes home and tells them about what happened, talk Jack into conning Bill back. They enlist Mr. Furley to pose as a wealthy Texas oil baron/entrepreneur named "Bill Bob Furley", who claims to own a chain of restaurants across the U.S..

When Bill, thinking that he's made a deal he couldn't refuse with "Bill Bob", decides to tell Angelino, who stopped by the apartment to get him and Jack to co-sign the new lease, "what he could do with Jack's Bistro" as he callously turns down Angelino's offer! When Furley, who left the apartment posing as Bill Bob, returns as himself to fix the bathroom toilet with plunger in hand, only then does Bill realize that he's been conned back, and that he's now left out in the cold! After Bill leaves, Angelino turns around and does an about face, telling Jack not to bring "any more of his troublemaking friends around the restaurant!"