Bert Landers
Bert Lander
Baking contest judge Bert Landers (Parley Baer) on "Three's Company".
Personal Information
Gender: Male
Owner of Landers Baking Co. and chief baking contest panelist/judge
Character information
Appeared on: Guest appearance on Three's Company
Episodes appeared in: in the episode "Grandma Jack" (Season 8)
Character played by: Parley Baer
Three's Company Script

Bert Landers was the owner of Landers Baking Company a the chief panel judge in a baking contest sponsored by his company for which Jack, who poses in drag as a an elderly contestant, Grandma Tripper to enter in order to win the prize of $10,000, in the episode titled "Grandma Jack" in Season 8. After Jack wins the contest posing as the elderly Grandma, Bert disqualifies Jack after his wig accidentally comes off while accepting his victory speech! The part of Bert Landers was played by veteran character actor Parley Baer.

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