Bernie Bustamente
Mr Bustamente Jack
Loan shark/mobster Bernie Bustamente (Harold J. Stone) strongarms Jack (John Ritter) into teaching his sexy Italian wife Lucia to cook in the Three's Company episode titled "The Loan Shark".
Personal Information
Gender: Male
Loan Shark/Mobster
Spouse(s): Lucia Bustamente
Character information
Appeared on: Three's Company episode appearance in "The Loan Shark" in Season 4
Character played by: Harold J. Stone
Three's Company Script

Bernie Bustamente was a local mobster/loan shark who enlists Jack to teach his sexy native Italian wife Lucia Bustamente (Livia Ginise), who doesn't know how to speak English, and who winds up making advances towards Jack, to cook in order to pay off a $75 interest debt on a $300 loan Chrissy errantly takes out from him, which Jack returns in full without the interest in the Three's Company episode titled "The Loan Shark" in Season four. Harold J. Stone played the role of Bustamente, who showed little mercy on those who didn't make good on paying back their loan debts with exorbitant interest!!