Austin Tripper
Jack (John Ritter), posing as "Austin"
Personal Information
Gender: Male/Jack Tripper posing as make-believe brother
Owner of Jack's Bistro (Jack's profession)/cattle rancer as "Austin"
guise used by Jack to cover the fact that he is fooling around with Veronica, Mr. Furley's niece
Character information
Appeared on: Appearance on Three's Company in the episode "Double Trouble" (Season 5)
Character played by: John Ritter as Jack Tripper
Three's Company Script

Austin Tripper was an alias used by Jack Tripper in the Season 5 episode of Three's Company titled "Double Trouble". John Ritter, as Jack assumes the alias in this episode.

About Jack as "Austin"Edit

When Mr. Furley's niece, Veronica, visits him, Furley, worried that she was sent to the aparment complex by his brother, Bart, the apartment complex owner, and her father, to report his incompetence in running the complex. Furley tells Jack that he believes his only salvation is to find a womanizing young man, "a real man" to distract Veronica's attention,

Of course, in Furley's warped perception of Jack, whom he refers to as "ol' twinkle toes" Jack couldn't possibly fit that bill. But Jack, who is smitten with Veronica, who also is likewise with him, comes up with an ingenious suggestion - he' 11 introduce Veronica to his visiting "twin brother," Austin! The plan begins to work like a charm. Austin/Jack gets the girl and Furley gets a great report from his niece, who said she had a great time with him, even smooching together under Ralph's nose, with he none the wiser of Jack's deception! But Jack's guise becomes doomed to become found out when Furley insists on showing his gratitude by throwing a party for Jack, Cindy and Janet!

When Furley is downstairs at the litte "party", the wine is flowing and he is starting to get quite tipsy as the roommates, and Jack, at first without cowboy hat on, and then with he putting it back on as "Austin", keep the guise going on as Jack is able to change identites as he puts the hat on and off everytime Ralph's head turns!

Things reelly become doomed for Jack when Furley insists that the roommates and he have a toast, with brothers Jack and Austin both beside him! Jack is somehow able to continue the guise toasting for he and "Austin" once Furley's head is turned!

Things again almost become unglued when a now quite drunk Furley goes into Jack's room to talk to Jack, who, with the help of a tape recorder of he and Janet helping him with his French lessons, and he out in the living room posing as Austin keeps the deception going; After Janet comes out of the room, Jack pretends that Austin, supposedly upset at Jack's rudeness, kicks open the door to have a fight with Jack, then a now completely drunk Furley enters the empty room, then comes out saying "He (Jack) apologized!"

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