Andrew Gainer
Mr. Gainer
Andrew Gainer is the father of Cheryl, a girlfriend of Jack's who listens to advice from him on how to approach "today's women", which he uses to take out Janet
Personal Information
Gender: Male
Related to: Cheryl Gainer (daughter/date of Jack Tripper)
Character information
Appeared on: guest appearance on Three's Company
Episodes appeared in: in the Season 5 episode titled "Make Room For Daddy"
Character played by: Keene Curtis
Three's Company Script

Andrew Gainer was the father of Cheryl Gainer (Janice Kent), a date of Jack's, a widowed man who asks Jack about how to approach a woman of the 1980's in the episode of Three's Company titled "Make Room For Daddy" in Season 5. He is played by character actor Keene Curtis, who also appeared as Dr. Todson in the Season 4 episode titled "Chrissy's Hospitality".

About AndrewEdit

Mr. Gainer, who feels socially awkward in trying to approach "today's modern woman", and who had dated very little since the death of his wife (Cheryl's mother), drops by to pick up his drop off Cheryl's wallet for her; she apparently forgot it at her apartment, where she lives with Mr. Gainer on her last date with Jack. Jack, who planned to have a big night for his date with Cheryl, gives her father, who shows up before Cheryl, some tips on connecting with women. The father immediately puts the tips to use by asking Janet, who Jack didn't know was the object of Mr. Gainer's interest upon first sight; he takes her out for dinner to a place called "The Blue Grotto". The advice backfires, because he comes on too strong towards Janet by trying to get fresh with her after the two arrive back at the apartment.

After he apologizes for coming on too strong, he admits his awkwardness towards women, since he had been with one woman for so long; Janet, who is then understanding, gives Andrew a second chance and goes out with him again; the opposite can be said for Jack, when asked by Cheryl "You know what we're gonna do?" After Jack asks "What?" Cheryl responds curtly, "Nothing!"

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