Alan Buckley
Alan Buckley and Jack
Alan and Jack in scene from "An Affair to Forget" in Season 7 of "TC".
Personal Information
Gender: Male
Not mentioned, perhaps business executive
Husband of Randy, an old friend of Janet who begins dating Jack when she arrives in town to shoot a commercial, but does not tell him that she is married
Spouse(s): Randy Buckley
Character information
Appeared on: Three's Company
Episodes appeared in: "An Affair to Forget" (Season 7)
Character played by: John McCook
Three's Company Script

Alan Buckley is a character who appears in the Season 7 episode of Three's Company titled "An Affair to Forget". The part of Randy is played by John McCook, who also appeared as Doug Cooper, a fashion photographer boyfriend of Cindy's in the Season 5 episode titled "And Baby Makes Four".

About Alan BuckleyEdit

Alan is the husband of Randy Buckley, a high school friend of Janet's who is in town to finish shooting a commercial, and who also begins going out on dates with Jack, who Randy doesn't tell that she is married. When Alan arrives in town to greet her, Alan stops by the apartment to see Janet. He meets Jack; Not realizing that Randy was awaiting Jack in his bedroom to fool around, he then meets Jack, whom he shows his wedding ring. He then professes that he always has worn the ring since the day he wed Randy, and that he also wears the ring just in case he fools around, that whomever he is with should not "expect anything"! Jack, who mistakenly thinking that he is fooling around with Janet while married, and not realizing he is married to Randy, and now angered at Alan's confession, punches him out; when he goes into his bedroom where she was waiting for him, he then alerts Randy to his presence; when Alan comes to, Randy is able to slip out of the bedroom, pretending to have just arrived there and that she was using Jack in a commercial; Jack and Randy kiss as its part of a scene for a commercial to Alan's watchful eye, as she then leaves with her husband, who doesn't know of his wife's liaison with Jack.

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